Sponsorship Opportunities

Choosing to be a sponsor at KOGS 2017 will reinforce your company message, raise brand awareness, drive visitor traffic and help your business stand out from the crowd.

megaphoneIn addition to the main options which are listed below we are always happy to discuss new combinations to meet your specific needs. Sponsorship opportunities at KOGS 2017 are open to exhibitors only.


For further information, or to enquire about any of these opportunities please contact:

Fawzi Al Shehabi

Director of Sales & Marketing


+973 17 550033


Technical Programme
  • Audiovisual Equipment and Services

    US$ 21,000 – sponsored by Baker Hughes a GE Company
    Cutting-edge presentations at KOGS 2017 are not possible without projection and display technology and services. Your company logo will be recognised on holding slides in each conference session hall.

  • Digital Conference Proceedings

    US$ 46,000
    The full text for each paper presented at the conference is published in the conference proceedings and hosted online. All delegates will receive a voucher card with instructions for access. Your company logo will be printed on the voucher card.

  • Conference Rooms

    US$ 200,000 (maximum of 5 sponsors at US$ 40,000 per sponsor)
    The KOGS 2017 conference programme features 100 plus technical papers, high level panel discussions and special presentations. As a conference room sponsor, your company logo will be branded on the room walls, in-room signage, directional room signage and recognised in conference collaterals.

  • Preliminary & Final Conference Programme

    US$ 45,000 – sponsored by Schlumberger
    This official guide includes the conference schedule and essential information, and is given to every delegate. Your company name and logo will be printed on the front cover.

  • E-Posters

    US$ 31,500
    Over 50 knowledge sharing e-Poster presentations will take place during KOGS 2017. Your company logo will be printed on panels within the e-Poster session area.

  • Energy4me Activities

    US$ 23,000 
    A full and exciting programme of activities for students will be held during KOGS 2017. Your company logo will be printed on literature relating to the activities and on signage during events.

Branded items
  • Delegate Bag

    US$ 57,750 per sponsor (max. 2 sponsors) – sponsored by BP Kuwait & TOTAL
    All conference delegates will receive a KOGS 2017 delegate bag. Your company logo will be printed on the bag, which will be carried by delegates both during, and long after the event has concluded.

  • Executive & Technical Committee Corporate Gifts

    US$ 55,000 
    The KOGS 2017 executive and programme committee volunteers will be thanked with token gifts of appreciation. Your company logo will be branded on the gift.

  • Lanyards

    US$ 50,000 – sponsored by Halliburton
    The Organiser will supply lanyards with the sponsor’s company logo. These will be distributed to all conference delegates, exhibitors and visitors at KOGS 2017 registration. Contact us for quantities.

Catered events
  • Conference Opening Ceremony & Gala Dinner (Sunday, 15 October)

    US$ 80,000 – sponsored by KPC
    This high profile evening event welcomes all KOGS 2017 delegates and VIPs. Your company logo will be printed on the event invitations and on signage at the event.

  • Coffee Lounge

    US$ 52,000 for 3 days – sponsored by GOFSCO
    Complimentary tea and coffee will be served to delegates and exhibitors during KOGS 2017. Your company logo will be printed on a banner suspended above the coffee lounge and on wall panels surrounding the area.

  • Delegate Lunches (Monday 16, Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 October)

    US$ 52,500 per day – Mon sponsored by EQUATE
    Complimentary lunches for delegates are offered each day in a special area of the exhibition centre. Your company logo will be printed on signage within the area and on invitations which are distributed to all delegates.

Other opportunities
  • Registration

    US$ 45,000 – sponsored by Petrofac
    Pre-registration for the conference and exhibition will be available on www.kogs2017.com. Prior to the event, your company logo will be published on the registration website and confirmation of registration messages to attendees. During the event, your company logo will be printed on badges and the registration counters.

  • Internet Lounge

    US$ 23,000 – sponsored by GOFSCO
    Complimentary internet facilities will be offered to all attendees during KOGS 2017. Your company logo will be printed on wall panels surrounding the area.

  • General Support

    US$ 10,000 and up – sponsored by GlassPoint Solar, Shell & Weatherford 
    Show your support of the Middle East and KOGS 2017 by contributing to the general fund.

  • Mobile App

    US$ 52,500
    The official KOGS 2017 mobile app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android plus any smartphone that has web-enabled browser capability. Mobile app users can review conference sessions and add them to a personal schedule, locate exhibitors on the interactive floor map, stay in-the-know with show alerts, connect with fellow attendees and much more. Sponsorship of the KOGS 2017 mobile app is recognised by displaying your logo on the main splash screen and banner of the app which will be linked to your website. Additionally, your sponsorship will be credited on signage promoting the app onsite during KOGS 2017.

  • Signage

    US$ 29,000
    Temporary directional signage will be set up in the KOGS 2017 exhibition halls to guide attendees. Your company logo will be printed on all temporary directional signs inside Kuwait International Fair.

  • Banners

    US$ 34,000
    This advertising opportunity offers 2 banners suspended in key locations throughout the exhibition. Sponsor to supply artwork. Contact us for sizes and locations.

  • Conference Rooms Daily Raffle Prize Draw

    US$ 34,000 – sponsored by Baker Hughes a GE Company
    A raffle prize draw for delegates will be held daily during KOGS 2017. The sponsor’s logo will be displayed on signage during the event and the sponsor logo will be branded on prizes.